Training for climbing

Looking for some structure and discipline in your training routine? Are you looking for functional exercises to improve your fitness?

The Training for Climbing course is targeted at climbers of all levels, who want to become fitter and have more discipline in their training regime. This course is held in a smaller group of maximum 8 people.

  • For 6 weeks you will complete a strength training plan where the focus is on getting better functional strength for climbing, endurance and power-endurance.
  • The course covers the whole body, including hangboarding and basic lifting exercises.
  • The course is entirely held off-the-wall (no climbing, but you are welcome to climb after your class).
  • There is one class every week (6 classes in total), occuring in the same gym and at the same time every week.
  • The lessons are 1 hours each, to maximize the intensity during the exercises.
  • The minimum age for the course is 16 years old.

Limited spots avaiable and booking required –  check availability below

Price: € 69

Entrance ticket & shoes not included.

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