Recurring Membership

42.00 / month and a 7.00 sign-up fee

Pay per month

Valid anytime (peak and off-peak)

Unlimited climbing and training


Fine Prints

  • Recurring Memberships can only be purchased on our website and are managed via the My Account section of our website.
  • Recurring Memberships automatically renew on the same day each month and they are activated as soon as they are bought.
  • Recurring Memberships have a minimum no-cancellation period of 3 months. This means you commit upfront to at least 3 months of recurring payments.
  • Cancellation stops the Recurring Memberships from renewing at the following Renewal Date. You can cancel the memberships at the latest a week before the Renewal Date. If you cancel too late (ie within a week of the Renewal Date) the cancellation will apply from the Renewal Date the following month.
  • Recurring Memberships Cannot be frozen.
  • Promotional offer valid until December 31st 2021. All Recurring Memberships will increase to 47 € per month from January 1st 2022.