Block 1 Course (Beginner)


Are you relatively new to bouldering and looking to deepen your knowledge and grow your skills while building a structured climbing routine? Want to meet new people who climb on your level?

The Block 1 course is targeted at beginners and new climbers, who want to progress from climbing Mint / Green (4) routes to Yellow (5c) routes.

  • For 4 weeks you will learn about the different aspects of bouldering: balance, power, technique, route reading, and more.
  • There is one class every week (4 classes in total), occuring at the same time every week.
  • The lessons are 1.5 hours each, giving you time to connect with fellow climbers and integrate what you’ve learned.
  • You will train as a team with the same group and coach every class, improving your technique and meeting new climbing buddies!
  • The minimum age for the course is 16 years old.

Limited spots avaiable and booking required –  check availability below

Price: € 59

Entrance ticket & shoes not included.