What are our climbing grades?

Bouldering’s grading system can sometimes feel like a puzzle, right? You might find yourself grappling with a particular grade or hitting a plateau, no matter how diligently you climb. Or perhaps you’re curious about how grades are determined but not sure where to start.

Understanding the grading system and how to effectively use Toplogger can be your key to unlocking these mysteries. Let’s decode the grades together and climb higher!


Do not let a grade or a color turn you off from trying a climb!

font scale grading

& colour divided boulders

In our gym, we use the Font grading system for a clear and straightforward approach to bouldering.

Each level is uniquely color-coded, allowing climbers to easily identify routes that align with their skill levels. Additionally, we feature ‘jokers‘ – special climbs that offer an engaging and unpredictable challenge. Jokers are boulders that do not follow our normal color-grading combination, so you can try boulders of any grades in any color!

These elements provide both a fun and educational experience, catering to climbers who are keen to develop their skills or simply enjoy a diverse range of challenges.

track your progress and have fun

In our gym, we’re proud to incorporate Toplogger, a dynamic tool that transforms your climbing experience. This intuitive app is your gateway to our climbing routes.

With Toplogger, you can effortlessly track your climbs, noting each achievement and setting personal benchmarks. It’s an ideal way to see your progress and plan your next moves. Plus, the app fosters a vibrant community spirit. Join in on challenges, share your experiences, and see what others are climbing.

You can also give us feedback through Toplogger. This is extremly valuable to us and allow us to tweak future sets based on what our customers like!


About grading

The start of our boulders is marked with 2 white tags. These mark the 2 (or 1) starting hand holds you must start on.

You always finish matching on the last hold on the boulder you are climbing. DO NOT top out on the top of the wall. 

About TopLogger

You can access TopLogger through their website or download the app via the App Store / Google Play.

Yes. It’s free to setup an account in TopLogger and you can use it across all of our gyms.

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