Want to know more about how to prepare yourself for bouldering, or what to expect from Beta Boulders? Check out our FAQs.

About climbing

Bouldering is a climbing discipline that involves short, fun routes designed to challenge you mentally and physically. You don’t need a harness or ropes as the routes are low and over crash mats.

Bouldering is for anyone regardless of shape, gender or age. If you can move, bouldering could be your new favourite exercise.

Anyone can turn up and fill out a registration form. If you have no experience, we recommend booking a spot on our Introduction to Bouldering session so you can learn the basics.

Like any sport, there is a level of risk but we have a few rules and recommendations to keep you safe. If you are uncertain about how to get started in a safe manner, we recommend booking a spot on our Introduction to Bouldering session.

Tracksuit bottoms, shorts or leggings with a t-shirt will do the trick. You can rent climbing shoes if you haven’t got a pair yet. We don’t allow non-climbing shoes on the walls.

Being fueled is important for any sport. We have a café on site with tasty snacks for before, during or after your session.

Of course. You don’t need anyone else but yourself to climb, but you can always meet new people while you are here.


About Beta Boulders

We wanted to build something unique for everyone to enjoy and are the first facility of our kind in Europe. Offering a cozy café, co-working space, fitness training and of course bouldering, we try to combine live, work and play. Don’t take our word for it – come and explore!

No, we offer a range of packages to fit any budget and schedule. You can pay per session, buy a multi-entry pass or sign up to a membership when you are ready.

You don’t need to book online for regular climbing, however we do recommend that you book the Introduction to Bouldering session online. There are a limited number of spaces so it is best to book to avoid disappointment.

You should! We offer a group discount for 4 people entering at the same time (Bring your tribe).

Yes, plus a cafe/bar to chill out after your session.

Yes, you just have to bring your own washkit and towel.

Yes, you either need your own padlock to use the lockers or you can buy one at our reception. We cannot store valuable items behind the reception.

1. There is paid street parking

2. Paid parking in a garage under Olympic stadium: https://www.parkeren-amsterdam.com/pr-olympisch-stadion
3. And there is parking in the garage under Albert Heijn which is free for the first 90 minutes 

No – you can also find us in Copenhagen.


You can find a tutorial here.

To cancel your recurring membership you
Select your subscription
Press the “cancel” button
For the cancel button to appear, at least 3 payments must´ve gone through and the latest possible cancellations are 7 days before renwal