What we offer

Bouldering can be challenging. You might feel stuck on a grade or that you’ve reached a plateau, no matter how hard you train. Or maybe you see all the training equipment but you don’t know how to use it. Sound familiar?

Climbing in a group is a great way to learn from others, improve your technique and progress faster. Aside from the Introduction to Bouldering session for complete beginners, we also run classes for Intermediate and Advanced levels.


This 1/1.5-hour long session is a great way to start bouldering. You will learn about safety, warming up, basic techniques and stretching. The class is targeted at first time climbers with no prior experience.

€ 20 – shoes and entrance are included in the price

You can continue climbing independently for an additional 60 minutes following the end of the class.

Booking is required.

block 1 course

Are you relatively new to bouldering and looking to deepen your knowledge and grow your skills while building a structured climbing routine?

Want to meet new people who climb on your level?

The Block 1 course is targeted at beginners and new climbers of all ages, who want to progress from climbing Mint / Green (4) routes to Yellow (5c) routes.

For 3 weeks you will learn about the different aspects of bouldering: balance, power, technique, route reading, and more.

The lessons are 1.5 hours each, giving you time to connect with fellow climbers and integrate what you’ve learned.

36 € for 3 weeks – does not include entry / shoe rental

Training for climbing


Are you a confident 6a climber (blue and above) who wants to improve in strength and climbing? This is the course for you! A 4-week strength training course starting October 7th where we focus on getting better functional strength for climbing.

The course will be given by one of our setters every Thursday evening at 20.15 for 4 weeks.
The price is 39 euro’s for the whole course (not including the entry).

The course will contain functional strength exercises, hangboarding, mobility, calisthenics, how to read routes, and technique training. Each week you will learn a different set of exercises that you can apply to your regular routine.

Become part of our community

Bouldering isn’t just about pushing yourself – it’s also about having fun with friends. Check out our calendar of events and connect with other climbers.